What Are The Benefits Of Jasmine Oil?

Jasmine flowers

Essential oils have been around for centuries. In fact, it is believed that essential oils were already used in Ancient Egypt in 4500 BC. Since then, essential oils have always been an important form of holistic healing treatment and over the past few years, we have seen a big increase in popularity across the world. Nowadays, essential oils can be found anywhere and many people use it to help them transition between moods throughout their days. If there’s one oil that stands out from all the others, it must be Jasmine Oil. In this blog, you will learn more about Jasmine Oil, its origin and its benefits for both your mental and physical health.  

Where does Jasmine Oil come from?

Jasmine Oil finds its origin in China and Northern India due to the warmer climates and was eventually brought to Spain by the Moors. Jasmine is considered to be a holy flower and the word ‘Jasmine’ literally translates to ‘a gift from God’. Even though Jasmine Oil is floral scented, it has a wild side and deep richness to it. The essential oil is often described as a sensuous, warm, exotic, intense and sweet smell and is actually known as the ‘perfume of love’. Whereas Jasmine Oil originated in Asia, the oil travelled across the world to the Ancient Egyptians who used it for nervous disorders, headaches and to promote better quality sleep.

The benefits of Jasmine Oil were recognised very early on by the Ancient Egyptians and the essential oil was mainly used for its calming properties. We can divide the benefits of Jasmine Oil in two categories: mental and physical benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Jasmine Oil, you can read our blog. 

Physical benefits of Jasmine Oil

Starting off with the physical benefits of Jasmine Oil, the calming properties of the essential oil help with:

Preventing infections

Jasmine Oil can help to prevent infections with its antiviral properties. Jasmine essential oil is also a very good antiseptic and disinfectant. 

Enhances libido

Jasmine essential oil also helps to enhance your libido and feelings of sexual desire. For that reason, Jasmine flowers are often used in bridal accessories and in honeymoon suites in India. Our LOVE Aromatherapy Balm uses a blend of heart-warming floral Rose and Jasmine notes and helps to stimulate sensuality, feel more connected emotionally and experience more self-love. 

LOVE Aromatherapy


Reduces skin concerns 

Another benefit of Jasmine Oil is that it can reduce skin concerns such as inflammation, ageing and acne, which is why the essential oil can be often found in skincare products. Jasmine Oil can also help to fade scar marks. 

How can Jasmine Oil help your mental health?

Besides its physical benefits, Jasmine Oil can also help to improve your mental health. By inhaling the scent of Jasmine, you can achieve the following:

Lift your mood

When inhaling its sweet and rich scent, Jasmine Oil can lift your mood and improve your state of mind. The floral scent boosts happiness, as well as increases confidence but reduces stress, anxiety and anger. 

Help you sleep better

Whilst Lavender and Chamomile might be your go-to essential oils to help you sleep better, Jasmine is a great option for promoting deep sleep. With its soothing properties, Lavender essential oils help you to relax more, alleviate frustration and restlessness which will result in a deeper, more peaceful sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed!

Feel more love

Thirdly, Jasmine Oil increases feelings of love, as the essential oil helps to increase a feeling of desire, expressions of love and even libido. Lighting the LOVE Aromatherapy Candle over a romantic dinner with your partner can really help to cast an intimate atmosphere. That will guarantee for a romantic evening!