Samata's Rejuvenation Camp on Hawaii

Hawaii beach

We recently had the pleasure to supply some of our products and join in on the fun at Samata Magazine's 5 day rejuvenation camp on Hawaii.

Samata girls

The retreat's aim was to replenish the mind, body and soul with a range of activities, from quiet morning meditations and journaling, to clean eating, to snorkelling by the pristine marine ecosystems, undertaking peaceful hikes with incredible island views and of course paddling to your heart's content.

Paddle boards

Attendees were given the chance to learn the basics of stand up paddleboarding or further define their skills whilst enjoying the stunning surroundings of the island, and were using our range of therapy balms in the morning and evening in their hotel rooms to relax and refocus them before and after the day’s activities.

Scentered aromatherapy candle

This is only the first of three Samata camps to take place over the summer, each one with a special focus point, so keep your eyes peeled for their Adventure Camp in July as well as their Shatisi Yoga at the beginning of July.