Natural Ways To Stay Grounded During Menopause


Menopause is a very personal experience, affecting each of us differently. Some, it would seem, barely notice the changes, apart from the fluctuation and eventual decline in monthly periods. For others, it’s an intensely emotional period of their life, adjusting to a new identity and coming to terms with another stage of life. Then there are those that suffer harshly from the physical effects including night sweats, problem skin and osteoporosis or from mental health issues like depression and extreme mood swings. You know the type, where you’re ready to divorce your partner if they say the wrong thing! 

Fortunately, there’s so much more support and information available to those facing the menopause nowadays. From menopause specialists that you can visit, a plethora of books on the topic to good old Dr Google, there really is a wealth of advice on how best to navigate these hormonal changes.


Mental Health and Menopause

Menopause can wreak havoc on our moods, emotions, and sleep, often making us feel overwhelmed and not at all, like ourselves. When you’re in the thick of menopause, it can sometimes feel never-ending and its hard to know where to start in terms of tackling those issues that you’re experiencing.

In worst cases, menopause can even lead to depression, which takes everything to a whole new level and life can feel like a mountain to climb. That’s why it’s so important to practise self-care during menopause, to keep your mental health in check and avoid going down that route.


How to Stay Grounded 

Aromatherapy is a fantastic tool that can be used to support your mental health during menopause. That’s because it help’s your mood and mindset quickly transition from an undesirable state into a much more desirable one. So, if you’re feeling low, you can lift your spirits with aromatherapy. If you’re feeling tired, you can become more energised with aromatherapy. And if you’re feeling anxious, which often happens during menopause, aromatherapy can help you to calm down and de stress. 

It’s all because when we inhale a scent, it instantly travels via our olfactory nerve to the brain’s emotional centre, aka the limbic system. Not only does this system influence body indicators like breathing rate and heart rate but it’s a part of the brain that helps form memories and affects mood. 

Scentered LOVE Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm is the perfect complement to menopause because the warming, comforting blend has been formulated to help the user rebalance and reconnect emotionally. This is ideal when you’re feeling hormonal, emotional, and disconnected, or in other words, out of kilter. 

The woody oriental scent, evocative of Persian empires, with notes of orange, clove, and heart-warming Rose and Ylang Ylang quickly shifts your mindset to one that feels grounded, calm and at peace. 


Breathing Techniques

The LOVE aromatherapy balm is unbelievably easy to use and portable too, so you can keep it in your pocket or handbag. Whenever you feel the need, take a pause, and simply apply it to your wrists, neck, and temples. 

Now, inhale the gorgeous aromatherapy scent slowly and deeply three times. This type of abdominal breathing ensures that you receive the full amount of oxygen needed to optimally replenish the body and mind, not to mention that it will at once transport the LOVE aromatherapy scent to where it’s needed meaning that you’ll feel an instant change in mindset. 

Another great thing about aromatherapy is that it can also be combined with yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, all of which also work well to centre the body and mind during menopause.


Physical Health and Menopause

Regular exercise is also vital to stay fit, healthy and grounded during menopause, not only to release endorphins, the happy hormones, but to strengthen the body, protect bone and cartilage and defend against osteoporosis. 

It can also pay to make improvements to your diet, ensuring that you eat plenty of calcium rich foods, like dairy products, kale, sardines, and beans. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables is also important to keep energy levels up, ensure a steady supply of antioxidants and support heart health. Additionally, everyone over the age of forty should take a regular supplement for Vitamin D too because as we age, our body gets less efficient at making it. 

So, it’s true that us ladies all have to go through the menopause at some point during our lives, but does it have to be a negative experience? Hell no, if anything it should be a liberating one. And with some extra self-care, we can come through it with greater confidence, a sense of independence, feeling fit, healthy and strong. Yeah!