How Do We Create Our Unique Scentered Blends

essential oils

Here at Scentered we have created six unique and custom blends of essential oils, to help you transition with ease throughout each part of your day. Each of our six scents LOVE, FOCUS, DE-STRESS, SLEEP WELL, HAPPY and ESCAPE have been created with 100% natural essential oils, to aid your transition into your desired state of mind. All of our essential oils are also sustainably sourced, ensuring no natural resources are depleted in the name of aromatherapy. 

100% Natural Ingredients

Our Aromatherapy Candles are created without any parabens, silicones or synthetic ingredients and made with a non-GM wax to create a clean burn. Our Candles will fill your space with a unique and natural scent that will allow you to transition into your desired mind state. 

Our Aromatherapy Balms are similarly created with all natural essential oils with the added benefits of vitamin A, B, C D, E  and F in the form of Shea Butter and Moringa to create a moisturising feeling on the skin. Our balms are specially formulated to be applied to pulse points, a mess-free way of way of using aromatherapy throughout your day that allows the natural essential oils to be directly absorbed into your skin. 

LOVE Blend

Our LOVE scent was specially created with the purpose of helping you enhance sensuality and emotional connectivity. The warm, sensual scent of LOVE is perfect for using when you want to feel connected with others emotionally and physically or need a dose of soothing self-care. To create this unique blend we have combined spicy citrus top notes of Clove and Orange, with the gentle scents of Jasmine and Rose. To finish this romantic blend, we have added rich base notes of Cedarwood, Vanilla, Patchouli and Cabreuva. Lighting our LOVE Candle or applying our LOVE Balm will release a romantic aroma, and as you inhale deeply you will feel more emotionally connected with enhanced sensuality. 


Our HAPPY aromatherapy blend was created to help you start your day in an uplifted mind state. Citrus essential oils such as Grapefruit and Lemon Myrtle are used to deliver a burst of energy and positivity. Spearmint essential oils are also added to lift the spirits and encourage positivity. Apply your HAPPY Balm or light your HAPPY Candle to start your day feeling grateful and uplifted. 


Our FOCUS scent was created to help boost your memory and increase alertness. Our FOCUS scent is the perfect blend to help you transition into moments when you need to stimulate mental activity and carry out cognitive tasks. To create this unique scent we have blended Rosemary, a scent that aids memory retention and alertness, Mint to spark mental activity. Finally, the essential oil Clary Sage is added to relieve mental fatigue. So next time you are feeling sluggish, instead of reaching for a mug of coffee, apply your FOCUS Balm to your pulse points and inhale deeply. This brightening aroma will promote mental clarity to help you perform at your best. 


Our DE-STRESS range is designed to help carry you through life’s everyday journey. Our DE-STRESS scent was specifically designed to promote a sense of calm and control during life’s challenging moments. Chamomile essential oil is added to encourage a sense of calm, whilst Neroli and Mandarin are added to soothe tension, uplift and relax. Apply our DE-STRESS Balm or light our DE-STRESS Candle next time you need a sense of well-being in your day. 


Our SLEEP WELL essential oil blend was uniquely created to help you awake well rested. Created with the most relaxing and calming essential oils Lavender, Chamomile, Ho Wood and Palmarosa. To balance out these floral scents, we have added Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Clove to give a modern oriental twist that will help you transition into a deep and restful sleep. Apply your SLEEP WELL Balm or light your SLEEP WELL Candle as part of your nightly bedtime ritual to help quieten your mind and relax your body. 


Our enticing ESCAPE blend is designed to help you shift gears and mentally transport you to ‘me time’. Oud enhances clarity of mind, Sandalwood for strengthening whilst Frankincense essential oil is added to ground and balance. This unique combination enhances visualisation, allowing you to escape into a personal state of mind. Next time you want to switch off from doing things you “have to do” to things you “want to do”, apply our ESCAPE Balm or light your ESCAPE Candle