Bring The Spa Feeling Home With Wellbeing Rituals To Embrace This Winter

bath with rose petals

Visiting a spa is quite the luxury; spending the whole day in a fluffy towelling robe, getting a deep tissue massage, experiencing a relaxing cleansing facial and all you can drink champagne, what more could you want this winter? Finding the time and money to visit however, is not as easy to do. But what if we told you that you could recreate this spa feeling at home at home with your own wellbeing rituals? 

Your Own ‘Relaxation Room’

One of the most effective ways to experience that spa feeling at home is by simply making your home a relaxing sanctuary that you cannot wait to come home to. When you visit a spa you will often find a ‘relaxation room’ on the menu. This room is typically an extremely quiet room filled with soft sofas and beds topped with fluffy pillows and cosy blankets, gentle music and a sweet scent. Entering this room instantly hits you with a wave of sleepiness and overwhelming relaxation. Imagine the benefits of having this feeling in your own home anytime you want?

The first thing you need to do if you are looking to turn your living room or bedroom into a ‘relaxation room’ is to turn off your technology! The harsh blue light emitted from our TV screens or our phones stimulates the brain and sends signals to keep us awake, not to mention the distraction of checking your emails or what your Instagram followers are up to. Having a mini digital detox will do wonders for your sleep and wellbeing. Next, turn on some soft music that you enjoy, it can be anything from acapella Beyonce to the sounds of the ocean. This will not only help to de-stress, but it will also recreate that spa feeling at home and create your very own chill-out bubble. Fill your space with your cosiest blankets and pillows, put on your warmest dressing gown and light your favourite Scentered Aromatherapy Candle. Your senses will be overwhelmed by soothing stimulants and positive feelings. 

Homemade Face Mask

Once you have created your at-home sanctuary, it is the perfect place for a bit of self care. Getting a cleansing facial at the spa leaves you glowing on the inside and out, and getting this spa feeling at home can be as easy as raiding the fridge for a few ingredients. How about avocado and honey for a moisturising face mask, or an egg white, honey and lemon juice tightening facial that will cleanse your pores? The options are endless! A quick raid on your food cupboards can bring up limitless possibilities and countless skin benefits. Alternatively, if your ingredients look too good not to eat, you can find any number of face masks on the high street for all skin ailments and price points! 

Bubble Bath

After spending the day at work and commuting or lugging your Christmas shopping around town, you can end the day feeling cold with achy feet. One way to fight off the chill this winter and get that spa feeling at home is by immersing yourself in a hot bubble bath. Feel the warmth rushing back to your toes and your shoulders dropping. If you want that true spa feeling, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, light your De-stress Aromatherapy Candle and inhale the relaxing aromas. The soft flickering of the candle and the benefits of the diffused essential oils will transport you to your perfect spa destination. If you want to learn more about the benefits of candles you can read our blog Why Are Aromatherapy Candles So Calming here. 


Getting a deep tissue massage is one of the most instantly relaxing things you can get done at the spa. The relaxing lavender body oil, the serene music and a back massage that leaves you fighting your heavy eyelids on the massage table. If you and your loved one both need some TLC, this can be the perfect way to bring that spa feeling home. You can use any body oil or lotion and light your Love Aromatherapy Candle to set the mood. Alternatively, giving yourself an all over massage after your warm bath can be equally beneficial to your wellbeing this winter.