Giving Back

Women for WomenOur vision is not only to empower women through the use of our products, but also through sharing our profits. We are proud to donate 10% of our net profit to Women for Women International.

Founded in 1993, Women for Women International has supported over 420,000 of the most socially-excluded female survivors of war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Southern Sudan, Nigeria, DRC, Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. With the rise of extremist groups like ISIS and Boko Haram, their work has become even more important, and the women they serve live in some of the world’s most dangerous places.
When extremism and conflict take root, the livelihoods, freedoms and security of individuals suffer - and it is always women and children who bear the brunt.

If we can provide the tools, resources and knowledge they need to access livelihoods and protect their rights, women can transform their families, communities and even their nations. Women for Women International provide invaluable assistance and guidance to the people who need it most, and we are proud to support them. You can find out more about their work by visiting their website