World Sleep Day Giveaway


Join us on March 13th to celebrate World Sleep Day, where we explore the importance of good sleep and how to create new sleep habits.

To get us started, we've taken it back to basics and explored something we all rely on and that's our bedding. Our good friends at The Fine Bedding Company make the very finest bedding for the best nights sleep. They are proud to be a fourth-generation UK based company with their own 100% sustainable factory producing premium down feather and innovative fibre-filled bedding for over 100 years.

We are big fans of their wonderful products, so we've come together to offer you the chance to win the Ultimate Sleep Bundle, to help you not only have the perfect night's sleep, but to also give you the tools to help you create better habits during the day and night.

The giveaway prize is a duvet, two pillows, two pillow protectors and a mattress enhancer from The Fine Bedding Company, and our Ultimate Survival Kit, Sleep Essential Set, 4 Home Candles in LOVE, SLEEP WELL, ESCAPE and DE-STRESS, and finally an I Want To DE-STRESS Gift Set. (RRP £400!)