Sustainability FAQ's

Is Scentered’s packaging recyclable?

Yes. All parts of the balm and candle packaging are recyclable. The walls of a cardboard box are made up of an outer paper layer, corrugated middle then inner paper layer as you will all be familiar with. Approx. 80% of boxes globally use this type of corrugated case with a Kraft paper outer layer (made from virgin fibres i.e. straight from tree pulp), thick corrugated inner and test paper inner layer (Made from 100% recycled paper), your standard delivery box.

What Scentered does differently and what we should be proud of is we use test paper for both the outer and inner layer of paper instead of Kraft paper outer which requires a tree to be cut down to produce it. In addition, we also utilise off cuts from the production of tea bags to protect our products in transit.

What is Scentered’s approach to sustainability?

Sustainability is top of our agenda here at Scentered. All of our packaging has been cleverly designed so that it can be REPURPOSED, REUSED or RECYCLED. 

We always aim to use already recycled materials for packaging that will find its way back into the recycling bin, but we needed to take a different view for our candle container. The aim, to ensure the glass candle was attractive and complementary to any room décor but could also be reused and repurposed in a multitude of ways. From storing jewellery, skincare essentials or keepsakes to using it as a small vase, plant pot or a centrepiece, you can get creative. Glass is a fully recyclable material that can be recycled time and again, saving raw materials and preserving natural resources.

Our mission to reduce waste...

We are big advocates of reusing and repurposed materials wherever possible, our packaging never goes to waste, we reuse the boxes our deliveries arrive in, into our packaging for you.

As a team, we are all passionate about making a difference to the environment and believe by each of us making small lifestyle changes we will be laying the foundations for generations to follow. Like going paperless as a business, reusing our old candle jars, driving electric cars and shopping at zero waste stores. Find out more about our mission to reduce waste here.

Are all candles sustainable, what makes Scentered candles different?

Some are made from sustainable materials and some are not. However at Scentered we consider more than just the candle itself, we take into consideration the packing of the candles, the materials used to hold the candle wax, the expense of its manufacture and the possibility of the re-use and repurposing of the container. 

For many years, paraffin wax was the only option when it came to buying a candle. It burned well and no-one really questioned what impact it was having on the planet. Unfortunately, crude oil, the origin of paraffin wax is a fossil fuel and is not sustainable because of its non-renewable resource. It’s also been the cause of many disastrous oil spills, damaging habitats and linked to climate change.

Fast forward to today, we are all that bit more sustainability savvy and willing to make some changes, being more aware of the sustainability of products and materials that we buy. If we want our children and future generations to experience the wonders of our natural world as we have, then it is not an option. It is a must.