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S$L$E$E$P$ W$E$L$L$ M$i$n$i$ W$e$l$l$b$e$i$n$g$ R$


'G$r$e$a$t$ a$t$ b

D$o$ y$o$u$ l$o$n$g$ f$o$r$ d$e$e$p$ u$n$i$n$t$e$r$ T$h$e$ S$c$e$n$t$e$r$e$d$ S$l$e$e$p$ w$e$l$l$ a$r$o$m$a$t$h$e$r$a$p$y$ b$a$l$m$ i$s$ a$n$ i$d$e$a$l$ S$l$e$e$p$ A$i$d$ f$o$r$ y$o$u$ i$f$ y$o$u$ s$u$f$f$e$r$ f$r$o$m$ p$o$o$r$ s$l$e$e$p$, j$e$t$ l$a$g$, n$i$g$h$

A$w$a$k$e$ w$e$l$l$-r$e$s$t$e$d$ w$i$t$h$ S$L$E$E$P$ W$E$L$L$ t$o$ g$i$v$e$ y$o$u$r$s$e$l$f$ t$h$e$ b$e$s$t$ c$h$a$n$c$e$ f$o$r$ a$ w$o$n$d$e$r$f$u$l$ d$a$y$ b$y$ e$m$b$ D$e$l$i$v$e$r$s$ a$n$ a$l$l$u$r$i$n$g$ b$l$e$n$d$ t$o$ r$e$l$a$x$  

O$u$r$ 100% n$a$t$u$r$a$l$, e$s$s$e$n$t$i$a$l$ o$i$l$ b$a$s$e$d$ A$r$o$m$a$t$h$e$r$a$p$y$ B$a$l$m$ i$s$ m U$s$e$ S$L$E$E$P$ W$E$L$L$ a$s$ p$a$r$t$ o$f$ o P$l$e$a$s$e$ s$e$e$ o$u$r$ c$a$n$d$l$e$ s$a$f$e$t$y$

'T$r$y$ M$e$'

1.5g$ / 0.05o

F$r$a$g$r$a$n$t O$u$r$ s$o$p$h$i$s$t$i$c$a$t$e$d$ f$l$o$r$a$l$ l$a$v$e$n$d$e$r$ b$l$e$n$d$ h$a$r$n$e$s$s$e$s$ t$h$e$ t$h$e$r$a$p$e$u$t$i$c$ b$e$n$e$f$i$t$s$ o$f$ L$a$v$e$n$d$e$r$, C$h$a$m T$h$e$ P$a$t$c$h$o$u$l$i$, C$l$o$v$e$ a$n$d$ Y$l$a$n$g$ Y$l$a$n$g$ h$e$a$r

F$u$l$l$ I$n$g$r$e$d$i$e$n$t$s$: c$o$c$o$-c$a$p$r$y$l$a$t$e$/c$a$p$r$a$t$e$, e$u$p$h$o$r$b$i$a$ c$e$r$i$f$e$r$a$ (c$a$n$d$e$l$i$l$l$a$) c$e$r$a$, b$u$t$y$r$o$s$p$e$r$m$u$m$ p$a$r$k$i$i$ (s$h$e$a$) b$u$t$t$e$r$, p$a$r$f$u$m$ (f$r$a$g$r$a$n$c$e$)**, c$o$p$e$r$n$i$c$i$a$ c$e$r$i$f$e$r$a$ (c$a$r$n$a$u$b$a$) c$e$r$a$, c$e$r$a$ a$l$b$a$ (b$e$e$s$w$a$x$), m$o$r$i$n$g$a$ o$i$l$/h$y$d$r$o$g$e$n$a$t$e$d$ m$o$r$i$n$g$a$ o$i$l$ e$s$t$e$r$s$, t$o$c$o$p$h$ N$o$t$ r$e$c$o$m$m$e$n$d$e$d$ f$o$r$

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Wellbeing RitualStop - Apply a balm directly to your wrist, neck and temples or light a Scentered candle to purposefully fill the room with mindful meaning.

Inhale – Raise your wrists or candle to your nose and deeply inhale, visualising the mind state you wish to achieve in this moment.

Reset – Exhale deeply as you step into the next moment of your daily journey. Find out more about the Scentered Wellbeing Ritual here.

In the UK, our standard delivery service is 2-3 working days, using Royal Mail tracked 48 or UPS service, or similar. We do always try to ship your precious parcel as soon as we can, however when we are very busy this may take a few days. If your order is time critical please call 0203 4881 461 and we will be happy to assist. Or make a note on your order.

All UK orders over £40 qualify for FREE delivery. For UK orders under £40, our standard £3.60 delivery charge applies.

We do not recommend you request your goods be left in a “safe place,” for delivery. If you are not able to be present when your parcel is delivered we recommend you arrange for someone else to be present. Scentered cannot be held responsible for any parcels that are delivered to “a safe place”.

Note also – We request a mobile phone number for the recipient of the delivery to enable the couriers to communicate if needed.

For US orders, please visit our US site: Scentered US .

If you're in Australia or Asia head to www.scentered.com.au

Due to customs clearance issues caused by Brexit, direct orders to countries within the EU are temporarily suspended.  For international deliveries outside the US, including to Europe, please visit our retail partner Naturisimo.

We aim to all our direct deliveries get up & running again as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care team at customercare@scentered.com.

S$L$E$E$P$ W$E$L$L$ M$i$n$i$ W$e$l$l$b$e$i$n$g$ R$


Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Karen Welsh
Love 💕💕

What can I say about this sleep balm apart from I LOVE IT!! 💕💕

Ana Kostova

Fabulous 😁🥰

Geraldine Pitt

SLEEP WELL Mini Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm

Donna Fisher
I love these Therapy Balms <3

I've used these Balms personally to help with stress and sleeping and they've worked really well. I have also purchased 'de-stress' and 'sleep' for my teenage daughter who has autism and struggles with anxiety. I gifted the 'Focus' Balm to a stressed exec friend too and he enjoyed using this to help him get through a period of stress at work. They are fab little pocket balms and the packaging and quality is amazing so whether you buy as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone else, I think you'll be pleased! Packaging is very lovely too and feels like a premium product.

Patricia Hayward

I cannot believe I have actually bought something that works and it is all natural no chemicals I am on my second purchase now and will definitely be buying more