Inspiration is one of those things that gets further away, the more we reach for it. Whether you’re trying to find the right way to word an email, or trying to figure out the logistics of a family party what often takes the most time is that excruciating period where you just have no clue how to proceed. The more we try, the less inspired we feel. But there are deadlines to meet, calls to be made, life to be continued with. None of us has the luxury these days of just downing tools and heading off to a breezy hilltop to ponder what needs to be done; there a meetings to attend, calls to be made, and an ever-growing pile of washing up to be attended to.


The only thing you can do in this situation is stop trying. Take a deep breath and let your mind be carried away to somewhere else for a few blissful seconds. Everyone can afford just a few seconds to stop and refocus; often that’s all it takes to allow that flash of inspiration to hit.