These days everyone is stressed about something. Pressure comes from work, from home, and from the commute between the two; it seems that there is no escape, and no time to just switch off and calm down. Even at bedtime, our thoughts can end up whirring around our heads at 3am, and then we add the worry of being too tired the next morning to our list of stressors. It’s very easy to feel that we’re caught up in a vicious circle of being stressed and worn out, run down and snapping at everyone, getting angry over the tiniest of things with no patience for anything. We can’t pay your mortgage for the next few months; we can’t send you away on a luxury spa weekend to chill out. What we can do is give you that brief moment of stillness in a busy day, to re-centre your thoughts. Time to ask yourself the question, “does it really matter?” Time to take a deep breath and inhale something calming and soothing before heading back into battle.