Essential oil Rose, Patchouli, Cedarwood Balm for Hormone balance

Love Aromatherapy Balm


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Melanie J CLEARY
Beautiful scent! 🌸m x

I received the Love balm in a mini size with some flowers bought for me and I was instantly in love! I keep it in my infrared sauna and once applied, fills the space. I then have bought the larger version which is heavenly. I have only knocked off one star ⭐️ as I don’t like the little plastic cover for the balm, it flops off too easily. M x

Anne Cooper
Most beautiful scent

I really love my Scentered Rose Patcholuli and cedar wood balm - it lifts my mood instantly.
I really love the write ups too on the effects of this balm.
Love the little tube it comes in and the protective plastic cap inside.

Amanda Stafford
LOVE balm

I received the love balm as a gift and adore the fragrance. Its beautiful, calming and the scent is lasting. I have very sensitive skin and was a little dubious to try it but the scent won. I was very suprised when I had no reaction to the product ( it actually leaves your skin feeling soft)
Can't wait to try some other products in the range.

Jude Spencer-white

Absolutely love the smell.

Vivien G
Love my Love Therapy Balm and ordered more to try!

The Love Therapy Balm scent is so calming and embracing - like a warm hug. I had a sample of the Focus Therapy Balm as a bonus treat with my food subscription ordering service and went to the site to try a scent out with my discount code. I ended up buying the Love balm and then several other samples in a bundle and completely forgot about the discount code! It didn't really matter as the prices are reasonable and certainly now I have tried the products and given some as gifts to my daughter, I think they are more than reasonable compared to other companies making similar products. I carry a variety - Love, Focus, De-Stress, Happy - with me when I travel and also have them on my desk when working. I love the scents and the various sensory benefits they bring.

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Sustainability & Scentered

Scentered’s whole team are constantly tasked with looking for progressive improvements across the company, not least the impact on the environment. We recently got in touch with all tea companies across the UK to find out what happens with all of their tea bag cut off waste.

One company explained that only 1% of their waste ends up in landfill, and now we are happy to announce that this 1% now sits with us, as we use it to turn into stuffing for our packaging.